"Coca Cola Beat the Keeper Competition"

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The tried and proven format of this fantastic soccer promotion now into its 18th season, is to give particpants the chance to compete against each other, by trying to kick the ball past an electrically powered moving goal keeper - very novel.

Everyone gets to meet their favourite local soccer stars & win great prizes for just having a go.

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How it all runs ...

The format of this fantastic promotion is simple with children & adults alike absolutely loving it:

  • Promotions run for approximately 1 1/4 hours
  • attended by 2 Hyundai A-League Perth Glory football stars who chat with & sign autographs with the children as well as "showing off" a bit during the promotion
  • promotions are compered by a celebrity
  • age group of the competing kids is 15 yrs and under
  • the children line up to start, come into the playing arena one by one then try and kick the ball past the electronically powered goalkeeper into the goals - if they miss, each child still receives a great prize for just having a go
  • the talented / lucky ones who get the ball past the goalkeeper & into the goals then play off against each other elimination style until we're left with a winner who receives a bundle of goodies including an EA Sports FIFA 2017 PS4 game


Advertising package you receive ...

Also included in this package is an advertising package with nova93.7fm ... broadcasting the weekly whereabouts of this great promotion.

What we need from you ...

Equipment required from your centre for each promotion is:

  • a power source at the end where the goals are located
  • spruiking box or PA system with 2 cordless microphones 
  • ideally, although not compulsory, we prefer a stage set-up 'runway' style with minimum measurements of 8.0m x 4.0m
  • set of stairs leading onto and off the stage as well as a trestle style table for the prizes
  • rope poles or picket fencing to secure the entire competition area

What it all costs ...

  • 2 Glory Hyundai A-League soccer stars
  • celebrity compeer
  • radio advertising on nova93.7fm promoting your venue & the appearance date
  • great interactive electrically powered goal keeper
  • heaps of prizes, give-aways & much more!!
  • all this for only $990.00 + GST which includes all of the above plus a lot of fun ...


Confirm your Booking

To secure your date(s), please contact us. Remember, the earlier you call or email your confirmation, the better your chance of securing your preferred date(s).

NOTE: In 2010, Beat the Keeper introduced the loyalty discount” for multiple bookings which has proven to be very popular & greatly appreciated by many regular clients ... so here it is again. The discount applies to the number of confirmed promotions booked regardless whether the promotions are in the same week or spread out over the season;

  • 1 confirmed booking - 0% discount
  • 2 confirmed bookings 10% discount
  • 3 confirmed bookings 15% discount
  • 4 or more confirmed bookings 20% discount

Now that's what you call value ...

Beat the Keeper - proudly sponsored by nova 93.7 Beat the Keeper - proudly sponsored by EA Sports

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